Metalmaniac LP 1987
Label: Durium #: DAI 30-424 Country: Italy
Info: One of the last releases from the label that brought us VANADIUM.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. VANADIUM - Run Too Fast
  Off to a great start with this powerful metal track that sounds quite Teutonic, save for the distinctively Italian keyboards. Shortened intro compared to album version.
2. GOW - I Want It Now
  Sounds like MCAULEY SCHENKER GROUP but without the catchiness or talent.
3. HALLOWEEN - It's Not Love
  Scrappy cross between DOKKEN and DANGER ZONE circa 1984. Unfortunately too much of the former to really get your blood pumping.
4. ANGELKILLERS - A Ticket For Hell
  Speed/thrash with screeching vocals and guitars.
5. SABOTAGE - Nightkiller
  Unremarkable speed metal at first, but there are hints of insanity lurking beneath that are truly wonderful.

Side B:
1. SKANNERS - Starlight
  Great German style power metal with hints of various NWOBHM bands that have Witch in their names.
2. DANGER ZONE - I Can't Live Without You
  Catchy melodic metal. If you forget for a moment that this is the same band who released the killer power metal MLP 3 years prior, it's not bad.
3. STRANA OFFICINA - Metal Brigade
  Solid power/speed metal, a bit like early SAVAGE GRACE with rough vocals. Live version.
4. NUCLEAR SIMPHONY - One Day Be The Same
  When VENOM was doing this kind of hard rock based proto-thrash at least it was something new.
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