Metalmania Vol 1 LP 1983
Label: KP's Records #: KP 500 Country: Belgium
Info: This compilation of Belgian bands (mostly from the Wallonia region) was released to coincide with the 1983 Metalmania festival in Charleroi with performances by all of the bands featured on the album. Song titles and other info is included on a flimsy paper insert.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. O.F.H. - Johnny
  Amateur boogie/NWOBHM style.
2. NESSIE - Hard Life
  Mostly a dull hard rocker, though the heavy 70s guitar sound and minimalist riffing make it interesting.
3. POWER - Good Time To Night
  Melodic power metal, a bit like fellow Belgians PALASS. Great up until the sloppy twin lead guitar harmony near the end.
4. GE¤SHAN - Just Be On Time
  Terrible out-of-tune hard rock/heavy metal.
5. BACCHUS - Lonely With The Night
  Like CROSSFIRE but worse (which is good in a way).

Side B:
1. WAX PYTHON - Dawn Of Our Love
  Somewhat glammy hard rock with a catchy chorus. Not as punk as the other material that I've heard.
2. JAILBREAK - Black Skin Girl
  Bad AC/DC style hard rock.
3. CARNAGE 22 - Johnny Dupont (D)
  Decent NWOBHM style song, and by decent I mean for an amateur band with a bad singer like all the rest of the bands on this compilation.
4. DEEP PRESSION - Night Rider
5. STORM - The Voice Of Storm
  Oddly cheery keyboards introduce this great 70s inspired metal song that features the over-the-top vocals of Alain Vandenberghe who would go on to sing for RITUAL on their cult EP.
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