Metallo Italia LP 1985
Label: Reflex Records #: RR 67701 Country: Italy
Info: Beheading one of the greatest icons in Heavy Metal is not the cleverest way to promote your local scene to the rest of the world, and it's far from "The first compilation of italian Hard Rock" as the front sleeve would have you belive - more like the 3rd or 4th if memory serves me right. On the upside it comes in a pretty neat gatefold sleeve with some great photos inside.
Also released on video. (Check this youtube account for clips)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. Prelude
  Your average pompy keyboard intro.
2. RAFF - I Trust
  Wimpy Hard Rock with dreadful, digital disco-"drums". The chorus was a slight improvement.
3. SHOUT - Break It Up
  Hard Rock/Sleaze Metal standard.
4. T.I.R. - Amsterdam
  Sounds like WF General's faster material meets Demon's heavier dito. Yes, of course it's great.
5. VANEXA - It's Over
  Superb, classic Metal of the galloping kind from one of the cultest NWOIHM acts.

Side B:
1. CROSSBONES - I'm Tired
  Way more rough and 'German-sounding' than their later LP. Bland HM.
2. SYNTHESIS - The Light
  Snappy proto-Speed/Thrash with some nice vocal & guitar harmonies. Singer should work on his pitch tho'
3. STEEL CROWN - Riot Into The Fire
  Irritating vocals and neither heavy nor original enough to compensate for it.
  Slick, mellow and too much keyboards. Not at all as great & epic as their former compilation appearances.
5. Finale
  Your average melancholic keyboard outro.
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