Metal Gear LP 1990
Label: Molon Lave #: MLR 91188 Country: Greece
Info: Includes a two sided lyric sheet.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. NIGHT STALKER - Blooming Marigold
  Guitar-oriented instrumental with pompy & epic overtunes. Promising opener.
2. BEAUTY & THE BEAST - So Good Tonight
  Severely constipated vocals doing its best to drop a large one on top of pure nonsense sleaze.
3. BLACK LACE - Eternal Hope
  Anonymous rocking mainstream Metal. Slick and messy at the same time.
4. DIVORCE - Far From Home
  Wow.. Weird, poppy Hard Rock/HM with fem vox and a funny drum beat. Actually not that bad, like a more catchy Siege(UK).
  Typical late 80's melo-HR with the odd metallic riff.

Side B:
1. DIVORCE - Strange Waves
  Continued melodic HR goodness, despite the weird (digital?) drums.
2. BEAUTY & THE BEAST - Hot Lady
  More dumb sleaze rock.
3. LEVIATHAN - Low Gods
  A wee bit more metallic here, with melodic US Metal-influences shining through.
4. BLACK LACE - Shoutin' To The World
  More on the hard rock side than their first song, but still superanonymous.
5. NIGHT STALKER - Greetings To Nowhere (Pioneer 10)
  The same kind of epic, instrumental stuff that opened the album.
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