Metal For Muthas Volume II LP 1980
Label: EMI Records Ltd. #: EMC 3337 Country: England
Info: Good one, but definitely in the shadow of the classic 1st volume. Ironically, this LP sounds more dated than the first one.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TRESPASS - One Of These Days
  A great example of the talent of this sadly underrated band. One of the finest riff-smiths of the NWOBHM. Later featured on "The Works" anthology CD from 1992.
2. EASY MONEY - Telephone Man
  Seems they wanted to be UK's Van Halen and I guess it's a decent try.
3. XERO - Cutting Loose
  Hard Rock with one foot still in the mid-70's. Different to The Friday Rock Show LP version
4. WHITE SPIRIT - High Upon High
  Pretty mellow, keyboard-driven hard rock.
5. DARK STAR - Lady Of Mars
  One of the Mightiest anthems to have come out of the early NWOBHM scene. Outstanding melodies and guitars.

Side B:
1. HORSEPOWER - You Give Me Candy
  Boogie-HR in the same dated, redundant style as their 7".
2. RED ALERT - Open Heart
  No more cutting-edge than most of the other bands here, but still a great energetic rocker. No relation to the pre-Wildfire band w/ the same name.
3. CHEVY - Chevy
  Another boogierocker that will fail to catch the attention of us narrowminded Metalheads.
4. THE RAID - Hard Lines
  Fast AND atmospheric stuff from the band formerly known as Jameson Raid. One of their coolest tracks with some odd sound effects added to match the sci-fi lyrics.
5. TRESPASS - Storm Child
  Another genre-defining masterpiece. Later featured on "The Works" anthology CD from 1992.
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