Metal Clogs LP 1982
Label: Rave-On Records #: RLP-001 Country: Netherlands
Info: Released in conjunction with Aardschok magazine. Rave-On Records' first release was this compilation consisting of 3 Dutch artists and one from Belgium (CROSSFIRE). Also released with grey/blue cover (4 shovels).

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. CROSSFIRE - Crossfire
  Generic MOTORHEAD style metal.
2. IMPACT - Looking For Trouble
  Decent homegrown NWOBHM sound. Short but sweet.
3. FRANKENSTEIN - I Sold My Soul
  Great 70s style hard rock. Different to Northern Lights version.
4. GILGAMESJ - Heavy Duty
  Great song, though not as good as their Take One EP. A strong JUDAS PRIEST vibe with wonderful deep vocals, though they are a bit rougher on these tracks.
5. CROSSFIRE - Real Steel
  CROSSFIRE gives a better offering this time and the attempts at harmonies are cute.
6. IMPACT - Drop Dead
  An almost great song that is only marred by a rather stupid and repetitive chorus. Excellent main riff.

Side B:
1. CROSSFIRE - Motorcycles
  Another boring song with some really awkward vocal melodies and the obligatory motorcycle sound effects.
2. GILGAMESJ - Ticket To Heaven
  A bit more generic than I expect from GILGAMESJ.
  A lighter offering but still good.
4. CROSSFIRE - Be Crazy
  More dreck.
5. IMPACT - Misanthrope
  Nice break in the middle that starts out all doomy and BLACK SABBATH-y then gets really fast. Similar to their LP.
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