Metal Brigade Vol. 1 LP 1987
Label: Rock Brigade Records #: RBR-130/87 Country: Brazil
Info: Power/Speed/Thrashers compiled by the Rock Brigade magazine/record label, of which only one volume was produced. 2-sided insert w/ lyrics, bandpics & info.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MEGATON - Unknown Soldier
  Euro-sounding, thundering Thrash like the lost 3rd band on the Metal Deadness split. Good trad-Metal breaks but very muddy production.
2. MEGATON - In Another World
  Yes, they definitely remind me of those SECOND HELL-guys, though not as proto-Deathmetallic. ACCU$ER meets NECRONOMICON perhaps?.
3. ANGEL - Metal Castle
  Glorious Epic Speed Metal in the tradition of HEATHEN'S RAGE, nicking some ideas from HALLOW'S EVE's "Metal Merchants" along the way.
4. ANGEL - Alcoolbanger
  What?! A ridiculous, mid-pace, plodding joke. It may improve in the last 30 seconds or so but I see no reason for a silly idea like this to last more than 1 minute tops.

Side B:
1. MINOTAURO - Fugitivo
  Amateurish Speed/Power in the style of VIPER with some AGENT STEEL-like riffing.
2. MINOTAURO - Hino De Guerra
  An excellent, marching Metal hymn that would make BROCAS HELM or SLOUGH FEG if not proud then at least smile and nod in approval.
3. CRUCIFORM - Marchando Para O Inferno
  In parts this is superb PowerThrash with 1st class riffing, but the raspy vocals and below par performance brings it down a notch.
4. CRUCIFORM - Armagedon
  Still not perfect but this mix of DESTRUCTOR-like riffing, Power Metal breaks and SLAYER/POSSESSED crunch wins me over every time.
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