Metal 88 LP 1988
Label: GDR Records #: GDR A701 Country: England
Info: Apparently the result of a Battle-of-the-Bands competition organized by the label in '88, though info is scarce to say the least. The only band-info that came up was on Never, who later changed their name to Zero Option and (I think) had a few releases under that name.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TORQUE - Stand Up
  Quiet Riot-style Hard Rock-rocker standard with high vocals.
2. NEVER - Emerald Isle
  Boogieish heavy Hard Rock, slightly NWOBHM-sounding but with a too clean and late-80's style production to cause a fuzz.
3. JOHNNY ALPHA - Living For Rock'n'Roll
  Dumb, sloppy hard rock'n'roll.
4. TRAWMER - She Doctor
  Really nice & freaky Motörhead-Speed-Metal not sounding like your typical 'head-clone at all, thanks to the more homey/amateur-hour vocals.
5. DISCOVERY - Broken Heart
  Mellow aor.

Side B:
1. TORQUE - Fire
  After hearing their mediocre A-side opener, this was a most unlikely & shocking transition to The True Epic Pounding Metal Of (US) Steel a lá Metal Blade Records '85.
2. TRANSAXXE - Shattered Dreams
  Fem-fronted HM/HR, for some reason reminding me a lot of my Swedish homeboys TORCH, AXE WITCH etc.. I.e. pretty mid-league 80's stuffs.
3. JOHNNY ALPHA - Rock'n'Roll Show
  Play-by-numbers, Metal-free HR.
4. ASYLUM - In The Asylum
  Powerful & Proud Hard Rock semi-metalism with a neat vocalist bringing a number of ancient, early & obscure NWOBHM 7"s to mind.
5. DISCOVERY - Live For Today
  Uppety, keyboard-ridden aor/"hard rock" wimpness.
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