Live On Stage - Live On Lp LP 1982
Label: Monopole #: MLP 0299/947 Country: Belgium
Info: 4 bands from the Vlaams-Brabant region in Belgium, recorded live at De Gildenzaal Schaffen in july 1981. I like the "Warning: Only amateur popgroups are performing on this record!" on the back. This kind of honesty is a good antidote for disappointment.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TYRANIC - Shadowplay
  I guess it's the amateur performance that heavyfies and roughens up this Rory Gallagher classic rock earring well enough to usher it into HR/proto-HM territories.
2. TYRANIC - Broken Dreams
  The first of their originals is a crude Heavy rock stomp w/ some HM-chugging in the chorus. A bit like Nightime Flyer without the Pentagram-awesome.
3. TYRANIC - Fantasyland
  I guess this could have been a proper HM tune, but unintentional or not the twangy guitars and jumpy drums turns it into a new wave/hr crossover number.
4. THE BLACK JACKETS - Dizzy Miss Lizzy
  Trad. amateurish rock'n'roll.
5. THE BLACK JACKETS - Money Money
  Elvis-influenced r'n'r.
6. THE BLACK JACKETS - Twenty Flight Rock

Side B:
1. COCKROACH - Sword Of Damocles
  Nope, sorry - generic melodic rock.
2. COCKROACH - Killing Machine
  No, not even this one - rockabilly.
3. COCKROACH - An Exhibition In Town
  Novelty r'n'r.
4. STONEHENGE - Met Oma In Bad
  Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the same Stonehenge from which 2 original Ostrogoth members originated. No familiar names in the line-up + also ska.
5. STONEHENGE - Als Ik Niet Slapen Kan
  More ska.
6. STONEHENGE - De Hijger
  Trad. r'n'r.
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