Linköpingsrock '82 LP 1982
Label: Studiefrämjandet #: SFLP 6/82 Country: Sweden
Info: Bands from the town of Linköping, released/sponsored by the educational organization Studiefrämjandet.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ARTIFACT - A Tribute To You
  It's hard to tell exactly which style of rock these guys were aiming for, but some of the guitarwork sound really Maidenesque, so let's just dub this one a great Metal instrumental.
2. DR/DR - Livet - Sång För Trendtrött Tapir
3. WALLRAFF - Att Dricka
  Folksy rock.
4. GLAMOUR - Skåpet Från Flen
  Rock that's sort of hard, but definitely not in a Metal way.
5. AXEWITCH - Nightmare
  Best song the band ever wrote and ferociously heavy for its time! Mostrous, grinding METAL riffing and awesome vocals. This track never got rerecorded or rereleased, but an earlier (inferior) demo version is featured on the High Vaultage CD reissue of "Pray For Metal".
6. MIDWINTER - Ensam I Sta'n
  The guitars sound distinctly Hard Rock, but the uppety drum beat turns them in an alternative/powerpop direction.

Side B:
1. DR POLLON - Promenad
  Alternative pop.
2. BULLDOG - Krig
  Slow, heavy & doomy(?) punk rock.
3. BÄDDA 3 - Maran
  Melancholic pop.
4. DNA - Ännu En Dag
5. MÜSK - Introducial
6. SKENET BEDRAR - Gyro Byrå
  Instrumental jazz rock.
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