L'Amour Rocks LP 1987
Label: Mercenary #: MER2101 Country: USA
Info: L'amour was a club in Brooklyn and a historic part of the 80s New York rock/metal scene, though the bands featured on this compilation come from all over the eastern US. Also on CD.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. WRATHCHILD - Armed To Deliver
  Bay Area style thrash metal from Maryland. This would have fit well on their debut as Wrathchild America.
2. MATRIARCH - Red Dawn
  Great amateur speed/power metal.
3. JETT BLAKK - Battered Child
  Though the name and dress scream glam, this is typical New York thrash, complete with a mosh part in the middle. Guitarist Kristy Majors would go on to a genuine glam band, PRETTY BOY FLOYD.
  Generic crossover thrash would be more accurate.

Side B:
1. ATTACKER - Emanon
  Classic speed/power metal. Slower demo version which was later released as a CD bonus track.
2. HALLOWEEN - Come And Get It
  Repetitive speed metal.
3. MEAN STREAK - Lost Stranger
  With their simple NWOBHM style riffs and "tough girl" vocals, this all female metal quintet reminds me of BLACKLACE.
4. THE BOYS - The Boys Keep Rollin'
  VAN HALEN-ish hard rock.
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