KURT LP 1988
Label: MI Records #: KURT LP 001 Country: Sweden
Info: KURT stands for Karskogas Unga RockTalanger (The Young Rock Talents of Karlskoga) and is a compilation of local artists from the town in question. Comes in a gatefold sleeve and 16-page booklet (Taccen/Overture pages).

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. FLAMES - Radio
2. SYMPHONICA - Changes
3. GRAND TANGO - Out Of Time
  Schmalzy pop-rock/westcoast.
4. BROOMSTICKS - Never Be A Hero
  Blues rock.
5. CAN BLUES BAND - Out There
  Rock ballad.
6. TACCEN - Sun At Night
  Melodic Hard Rock with a heavy, pompous Dio-influence that crescendoes towards the end.

Side B:
1. TWO TO ONE - Last Forever
  Soft pop-rock ballad.
2. STALLION - Echoes Of The Night
  Rockin' melodic hard rock a la Treat. Same band who did the "On The Run" LP + a couple of 7"s around the same time. Quite nice but never really touching HM-territory..
3. NO COMMENTS - Mr Selfish
  Blues rock.
4. HEMLIGA BYRÅN - Blubb o Plask
  Novelty pop-rock.
5. OVERTURE - Fight To Survive
  Young'uns by the sound of it, producing mellow melodic HR/HM of the typical Swedish ilk in a rather amateurish manner.
6. BLUES BAG - Looking For You
  Blues rock.
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