KSHE Seeds Homegrown Rock N Roll LP 1980
Label: Sweetmeat Records #: SM-8001 Country: USA
Info: First of two compilations from St. Louis, MO radio station KSHE 95. The sequel usually gets the most attention, but this one is actually far better and heavier.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MISSOURI BREAKER - Seven Lonely Ladies
  Pub rock.
2. MOSES - Some People Get Down
3. AMBUSH - All My Life
  Poppy progressive rock, like SUPERTRAMP.
4. SHEPHERD - The Power
  Killer stuff, like a stripped down WITCHFINDER GENERAL with some early JUDAS PRIEST influence.
5. FOOTLOOSE - You Can Shine
  Southern rock.
6. ARMOR - Let The Music Roll
  Rough NWOAHM in the vein of early RIOT.

Side B:
1. THE STRANGERS - Fool For Your Love
  Hard pomp rock with QUEEN-like diversity. Features drummer Mike Safron of PAVLOV'S DOG.
2. BROWN & LANGHER - I Remember
  Interesting and fun two-man punk rock.
3. TROUBLESHOOTER - Ballad Of A Wedding Band Member
  Melodic hard rock that is quite heavy in parts, a bit like an Americanized DAWNWATCHER.
4. GIBRALTAR - Heart Throb Outlaw
  Heavy rock.
5. ZANE GREY - Young Guitar Player
  Southern rock.
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