Kikrock - Volume One LP 1982
Label: KIK Productions #: KIKLP 01 Country: Scotland
Info: Not exactly a thundering storm of Steel this one, but half of the content could at least be classified as Hard Rock, so let's investigate...

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SO WHAT! - Fool's Love
  Feel-good hard rock standard.
2. TURBO - Soddom An Gomorrah
  Rollin' rumblin' boogierock-metal(?) with a taste of Slade/Sweet that's a lot nicer than you'd think.
  Pop-wave a la The Monochrome Set.
4. SMOKEY BEARS - Another Notch In The Headboard
  Dreary boogie-woogie rock.
5. STRAW DOGS - Ralston Wall
  Punk rock.
6. BLOODY MARY - Hard To Get
  Sturdy rockmetal with a touch of AC/DC. Also reminding of Girlschool thanx to the fem vox.
7. SMOKEY BEARS - Something On My Mind
  Consistently dreary 'classic rock'.
8. THE FEDS - Things That Go Bump In The Night
  Wavy hard rock/rocking new wave that's pretty sweet if you enjoy the less heavy moments of The Plads or The Blood.

Side B:
1. PLAY DIRTY - Seems That You Can´t With Me
  Another effort closer to NWOBHM, but a rather mellow and stuffy form that's closer to Gillan than Dragonslayer if you get me..
2. BLOODY MARY - Rock Suicide
  More of a basic Hard Rock tune this time, reminding me of Panza Division or Heretic because of the hooks in the chorus.
3. SO WHAT! - Me And You
  Some great guitar harmonies in this almost-pure NWOBHM number. Pity the lovey-dovey lyrics.
4. TURBO - Take Me High
  Sleep-inducing boogie-HM like those few awful ones from Witchfynde or Holocaust.
6. THE FEDS - Good Times
  Silly pop dreg.
7. STRAW DOGS - Scotland
  A punk anthem that's just too bloody good not to be ripped off from somewhere else.
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