Italian Metal Vol. 1 LP 1985
Label: Flying Records #: FLY 00135 Country: Italy
Info: 3rd best Italian Metal compilation ever, keeping up w/ the awesome-cover-art-tradition. No other volumes were produced.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. HOCCULTA - In The Vault
  Priest/Anvil-Metal filler leaving no lasting impression.
2. LIARS - Rock Power
  Makes you think of Jag Panzer's "Generally Hostile" with Manowar muscles. Brilliant!
3. SPOTLIGHT - Speedaway
  Fem-fronted, fantastic Metal taking the best parts of Maiden and Acid and making it their own.
  Way more steelclad than anything they did on their albums. Classic Metal a la early Tokyo Blade.
5. STEEL CROWN - Bad Flowers
  The infamous vocals doesn't quite manage to ruin their well-performed NWOBHM-laden Metal on this one.

Side B:
1. FALLEN SUN - Whisky Woman
  'Melodic NWOBHM'-glory, like a long-lost Dark Star or Jameson Raid B-side you always wanted to hear.
2. MARCUS ROCK - Upside Down
  Songs like this one is the reason this Compilation Index-thingie came to be. I'm having a very hard time giving this INCREDIBLE, timeless & original Hard Rock Anthem an honest review here... Just find this LP. You won't regret it.
3. SAUVAGE - All Night Long
  Dead-on TOPT/Diamond Head/Savage nwobhm-worship.
4. GHOST - Lady Night
  Olde Metal Hard Rock reminding me of early Gotham City (..or whatever bands they ripped off)
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