Heavy Metal Heroes LP 1981
Label: Heavy Metal Records #: HMRLP 1 Country: England
Info: Heavy Metal Records had released a few singles earlier in 1981, but this was their first full length album. There are 2 versions of the vinyl release - the first pressing with the cover art on a seperate insert (sometimes seen without the front insert, instead looking like this) and one with a proper cover. A cassette version was also released as well as a 1996 CD reissue (split with volume 2) on British Steel.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TWISTED ACE - I Won't Surrender
  The biggest problem with this song seems to be that they aren't sure what they want to be. This is particularly obvious in the vocals, such as the falsetto chorus or the Hocus Pocus bit near the end. Slightly different to single version.
2. GRIM REAPER - The Reaper
  In my opinion this is one of their best songs, despite (or perhaps because of) the different singer. This song eventually evolved into Final Scream. Only release with first singer Paul DeMercado.
3. JAGUAR - Stormchild
  Decent song, similar to their Back Street Woman single, though JAGUAR would get better than this (before getting much worse). Reissued on Power Games - The Anthology.
4. SOLDIER - Storm Of Steel
  First and probably heaviest song by this solid NWOBHM band. Rerecorded by the recently reformed band for their Sins of the Warrior CD.
5. BITCHES SIN - Strangers On The Shore
  This song was rerecorded for their Predator LP, but the version on this compilation is so much better. It sounds heavier and surprisingly less sloppy, in addition to being about a minute longer.
6. METAL MIRROR - Hard Life
  This song is OK, but I'll never understand why their similar sounding single can sell for $150 or more. Rereleased as a bonus track on II.

Side B:
1. HANDSOME BEASTS - Local Heroes
  A decent, slightly bluesy effort with a catchy chorus. Later rerecorded for their 04 CD.
2. BUFFALO - Cold As Night
  I love everything about this song, from the epic, almost doomy intro to the awesome riff to the fist pounding chorus. Originally exclusive, but later released on the Best of Buffalo CD.
3. EXPOZER - Rock Japan
  The most commercial sounding song on here, but still an enjoyable piece with a great solo.
4. SPLIT BEAVER - Running Wild
  Exclusive track from this AC/DC clone. Like the similar band STARFIGHTERS, they're good but ultimately unremarkable.
5. DRAGSTER - Do It!
  An energetic and well-done song, though the BDSM lyrics are a bit silly.
  Slow early BLACK SABBATH style song. Not the best introduction to WITCHFINDER GENERAL, though it does have a nice solo.
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