Headthrashers (Live) LP 1987
Label: Fucker Records
Avanzada Metálica (1989)
#: FUC 01
AM 013
Country: Brazil
Info: Recorded live at Municipal Theatre, Santo Andre, Brazil in January 29th 1987. The original Brazilian pressing includes an insert while the later Mexican one has the same info printed on the inner sleeve. The Mexican pressing is easily distinguishable by a 1-2 cm white stripe running along the right edge of the cover.
The soundquality is pretty rough, but Braz Deathrash-fans should be used to it.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MX - Fucking All The Angels
  Brutal Thrash(/Death?) a la Merciless, Minotaur etc.. Slighly more exciting than their album-stuff.
2. MX - Destructors Of Heads
  See above, though faster & better!
3. NECROMANCIA - Christians Exterminator
  Ultrafast 80's BlackDeath of the classic Brazilian brand.
4. NECROMANCIA - Living In Meggido
  More of the same. Not too exciting a band though.

Side B:
1. BLASPHEMER - Hellish Fire Blast
  Traditional BrazBlack again, sounding a lot like Sodom. Ripping track!
2. BLASPHEMER - To The End Of Jesus Christ
  More ultraspeed! Bathory meets Sarcófago - gotta love it.
3. COVA - Death Metal
  Aiming for blastbeats, crashing in chaos. Could have been great if the drumming wasn't so sloppy..
4. COVA - Fuga Para O Inferno
  Prolly' one of canadian Blasphemy's fave bands. You get the picture.
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