Head Line 2 LP 1993
Label: Head Line Produções #: LP 17114 Country: Brazil
Info: 2nd and last (?) of these very primitive releases from a Rio de Janeiro Metal radio show. Even more rare than the first one I've been told, more diverse in styles ...and slightly better too. Includes insert with lyrics and pics.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
  Pretty killer, blood-dripping Thrrrrash! Sick, raw & pissed off a lá Rigor Mortis :D
2. WONDERLAND - Melodramatic Poem
  More thrash, a bit more light & shade here, good riff-constructions. No complaints other than the vocals being slightly on the too-much-grunt-side.
3. MISSED IN ACTION - Straight To Hell
  Disastrous groovy/funky "metal"/crossover with a slurring, raging idiot on vocals.
4. SANTA CLAUS - One Week To The End
  Ho ho ho... a haunting intro progresses into fast, stomping Monster (or rather The Munsters) Metal. Damn cool and they remind me of their obscure fellow countrymen SADOM quite a lot - which is a good thing.

Side B:
1. DEMENTIA - Powerless Sight
  Thrash/metal in the now ancient and forgotten style once known as "modern". To be totally honest this is a pretty decent hardrocker in its own right and far from the worst I've heard from the genre.
2. UMBRAL - Da Estada Ao Relento
  Pounding, angry Metal with some distinct hc/crossover influences, though not of the (at the time) trendy sort. Very enjoyable!
3. VIDE BULA - Quantas Coisas
  Pop? Rock? Alternative? Goth even?? Pretty ok song with male/fem mixed vox but nowhere near Metal/hr, sorry..
4. FAX - California
  Like on the previous volume another instrumental from these guys, though leaning more towards Hard Rock this time, unfortunately.
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