Head Line LP 1992
Label: private #: 533.404.153 Country: Brazil
Info: 1st of 2 comps promoting (quite dated, thank doG) garage unknowns from Rio de Janeiro. Compiled by a local Metal radioshow. Includes insert with lyrics and band pics.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. S.T.I. - Follow That Skull
  Megadeth-fandom. The riffing ain't half-bad, but their drummer is no Neil Peart, that's for sure.
2. BLASTED - Oh Preacher
  Ha ha ha.. that vocalist sure sounds silly, but other than his weird/amusing falsetto screetches this is pretty damn good, fast & technical powerthrash in the style of Toxic or Vendetta.
3. S.D.P.P. - The Imprisonment Of The... Stereotyped Objectivity
  Digital drums, some punky bits, some metallic ones. Late 80's US College Pop-Core meets mid-pace thrash? Surprisingly enjoyable - even great at moments.
4. SPITED - Mass Destruction
  More digi-drums. A hilarious, horrid mess that swings from failed attempts at "groove" to more darker (emo?) Metal moments. One for the *lol* mixtape.
5. CAVALAST - Obscured By Fear
  Brutal (not productionwise tho') Thrash with Protector/Morbid Saint-like screaming vox. Could have been good ...but it isn't.

Side B:
1. BLOCKHEAD - Follow Or Die
  Groove-"metal" with pieces of more traditional stuffs thrown in, but HM is an unforgiving mistress I'm afraid..
2. STAGEDIVE - Living Without Life
  Bleak & uninspiring mosh-thrash.
3. SCARS SOULS - Making Contact
  Funky (hard?) rock with fem vox.
4. WIZARD - The Other Side
  Finally some good ol' Traditional Heavy Metal. Melodic Maiden-parts with neat mood-swings.
5. FAX - Classic's 92
  Pretty sweet HM instrumental w/ catchy guitar-parts. Good closer!
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