Harder Than A Millstone CD 1991
Label: Metal Mustang Media #: MMM 0-40015-2 Country: Netherlands
Info: Split album with tracks from 4 different Dutch artists. Gerrit Tijhof from ETERNAL FLAME assisted with the production. Large fold-out booklet contains lyrics, photos, and band info. (back of booklet)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

1. MINAS TIRITH - Hysterical Madness
  Groovy female-fronted pop metal band.
2. MINAS TIRITH - Point Of No Return
  This reminds me of SATANIC RITES or maybe SHANNAH (particularly their 1993 demo).
3. MINAS TIRITH - Mid Spring
  This upbeat instrumental is the most creative and entertaining of MINAS TIRITH's tracks on this comp.
4. MINAS TIRITH - Xenophobia
  A bit of a power metal feel on this track, but it's still not heavy enough to deserve a name like MINAS TIRITH.
5. GILGAMESJ - Victims
  GILGAMESJ have clearly moved in more of a hard rock direction since their Take One EP, the result sounding a bit like mid-80s SAXON.
6. GILGAMESJ - Lightning Strikes
  Despite the change they mostly maintain the class and strength of their earlier works, especially on this, my favorite of the 4 GILGAMESJ tracks on this CD.
7. GILGAMESJ - Unknown Passenger
  I've always thought Frank Van Stijn and Carl Sentence had similar voices, and this track in particular reminds me of Rise Up era PERSIAN RISK.
8. GILGAMESJ - Carry On
  Short, inoffensive ballad.
9. LOTUS - Nightmare
  Thrash metal that sounds like one of CYCLONE TEMPLE's weaker moments.
10. LOTUS - Shiwa
  While the last song was just unoriginal, this mid-paced track is actually a chore to listen to.
11. LOTUS - The Boy In Me
  They added a bit of a "comic" twist to this mercifully short song.
12. LOTUS - Legend
  Back to the basics. Did we really need another SF Bay area thrash imitator?
13. ETERNAL FLAME - One And All
  Gerrit's eccentric vocals are sure to be a sticking point for some people, but if they don't turn you off then you'll find some solid and original melodic metal with keyboards that are atmospheric not poppy.
14. ETERNAL FLAME - Blind Metal
  With progressive touches, speed metal breaks, and even a slide whistle, this is where the pieces really come together and work their magic. Fittingly, the lyrics are about conformity in heavy metal.
15. ETERNAL FLAME - Limit Of Dreams
  Not much else to add, except that if someone were to compile ETERNAL FLAME's demos and compilation tracks (they also appeared on the 1992 LP Im Westen Nichts Neues) and reissued them on a CD it would be an instant buy for me.
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