Go To Eat (Metal Dom) LP 1985
Label: Night Gallery Records #: NIGHT008 Country: Japan
Info: Weird name, weird cover, weird label, some great songs, some lame ones but an interesting release as a whole. Includes a small 16-page booklet with lyrics & pictures.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. HURRY SCUARY - Feeling High
  Great, powerful opening track with a Scandinavian flavour (Rising Force, Silver Mountain etc..)
2. RAGING FURY - Screaming Murder
  Raw, almost thrashy HM like early United. The wild vocals reminds me of Sakevi Yokoyama (G.I.S.M.)
3. BATTLE AXE - Fire
  Superb all-girl act doing a catchy piece of Riot-laden Metal. (..and the spoken bit in the middle is just dead cute)
4. BELLADONNA - Decadence
  Pounding Metal with a fantastic rhythm to it! Some neat breaks and psych soloing too. I want more. NOTE that this or either their track on the Heavy Metal Force II comp is mislabled - these tracks are 2 completely different compositions.

Side B:
1. TERRA ROSA - Do Work
  Guitar-oriented melodic HR/HM of the kind that made the Japan scene famous in the 80's. This song also appears on a flexi-disc featured as a bonus in their debut LP from '87.
2. HELLO - Hello Hello
  Well hi there little trifle wimpfest of a song, aren't we feeling mellow today?
3. GRASS MARY - Going Road
  Anonymous, upbeat HR.
  Radio-friendly hard(?) rock a la later Van Halen or something, I don't know..
5. ALLIES - Fools Believe
  Very American-sounding semi-ballad. Not useless, but done a million times before.
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