Full Force Volume III LP 1989
Label: Reaction Records #: UNREST 14 Country: England
Info: Not only the most rare of all Ebony/Reaction ones but possibly the scarcest UK HM/HR compilation there is (maybe with the exception of this one), at least judging by my own 8-year experience of hard core collecting and research into the matter. But yes, this swansong of the series is just as lame as the 3 previous volumes.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TICKLED PINK - To Lose A Love
  Pompy Hard Rock that isn't as sleazy as the name would make you think.
2. 3012 - Couldn't Quite Make It
  Mainstream pop-hr.
3. OVERDRIVE - Make Or Break
  Decent fast stuffs from these old mid-league NWOBHM-obscurists, sounding a bit like Accept on an action-rock trip.
4. PURSUIT - Sweet To Please
  Dull, monotonous sleaze-metal.
5. ETA - Undercover
  Sleazy, unmetallic HR.
6. TYRADE - Time Enough For Love
  More of that cowboy-boots-wearing, 'modern' Hard Rock.
7. JINX - I Won't Change
  Mellow Hard Rock rendered extra unlistenable by out-of-tune vocals and guitars. Sounds vaguely like those French no-hopers w/ the same name, but the vocals doesn't quite match.
8. CIVILAN - Too Hot To Handle
  Plain-plain HM for some reason reminding me of French runner-ups like Satan Jokers, High Power, Der Kaiser etc..

Side B:
1. PRESENCE - Bad Memories
  Catchy, harmony-driven 'NWOBHM' straight outta 1981, out on the not-too-heavy Hard Rock-fringe without feeling wimpy.
  Utterly misplaced (even by Full Force-standards) classic r'n'r/rockabilly.
3. SNEAKY LIBERTY - You Want Love
  Mainstream, raunchy Street-Metal/semi-Sleazy stuff like late 80's W.A.S.P. w/ more 'hair'. Not too awful.
4. QUIT BITCH'N - Bitter Pill
  Sort of similar to the track above, but with just enough 'rawk' to loose its footstep and fall outside Heavy Metal parameters.
5. THE FAITH - Let's Rock'n'Roll
  Sleazy classic rock semi-ballad.
6. UNAMEUS - Paper Tigers
7. CRAZYMODO - Freer Life
  Corny, upbeat Hard Rock incorporating a few too many clownish ingredients to qualify as HM in my book. Proto-Alternometal?
8. METAL CROSS - Circus On Fire
  The overabundance of generic, mid-pace Metallica-riffing takes away a lot of the enjoyment of this Real Metal(tm) finale. Later featured on their 2014 2LP demo-collection on Horror Records.
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