Full Force [Volume Zero] LP 1988
Label: Reaction Records #: UNREST 8 Country: England
Info: Here is where the weirdness begins: the enigmatic, un-numbered "Volume Zero" of the weakest of Ebony/Reaction Records' compilation series, which shortly after got followed by Volume One and so forth. The why's and how's of how this failed, stumbling index system came to be will forever be shrouded in mystery I'm sure. Perhaps this edition was withdrawn for some reason? It is certainly one of the harder-to-find volumes.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ONYX - Lady Killer
  Mediocre aor. No relation to the FWOSHM cultsters with the same name I'm sure...
2. REBEL SONS - Too Late For Loving Me
  Continued aor lameness.
3. SILENT FORCE - Burning With Desire
  Uninspired melodic HM/HR standard.
4. AUDIO EXIT - Gotta' Believe
  Weak attempt at feel-good Hard Rock that makes me feel bad.
5. CYANIDE - Star On The Wall
  Fem-fronted, punkish hard (?) rock.
6. GOLGOTHA - Golgotha
  A crude but endearing little gem of solemn progressive Metal, like ADRAMELCH with added time changes. Same act also responsible for the "Dangerous Games" EP and "Unmaker Of Worlds" LP before and after.
7. BLIZZARD - Cosmic Storm
  I've got no clue which of the umpfteen Blizzards this might be (not any of the Swedish ones I'm sure) but it's the closest thing to Solid Traditional Heavy Metal on here. Good Powerish, US-style stuffs.

Side B:
1. SWEET VENGEANCE - Blackmail
  Mosh-Thrash-light like GOTHIC SLAM, RE-ANIMATOR or something equally boring.
2. PASSION - Time Of My Life
  Lame commercial HR.
3. JACK-KNIFE - Good Times Never Die
  Amateur pop-(hard?)rock.
4. INTOXICATED - Something's Wrong
  Punky Hard Rock with those very British-style vocals.
5. THE EARTHMOVERS - Earthmover
  Simple yet catchy rocker, though not HM/HR by far.
6. ARTISAN - Hear Me Now
  Melodic Hard Rock/HM-semi-ballad with a bit more edge than their fellow contenders here. Still pretty wimpy tho'. No idea if this is the same UK band who released the very rare "Through Till Dawn" MLP 1 year later or not.
7. EPIDEMIC - As Darkness Falls
  Remarkably similar to those angry US Thrashers who released the "The Truth of What Will Be" LP around the same time, though this is a British bunch. Incidently this + one more track was also featured on the cassette version of CMFT's UK Thrash Assault compilation one year later.
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