From Electric Lady Land '84 LP 1984
Label: Electric Lady Land #: ELL-015 Country: Japan
Info: Quite an anonymous release in more ways than one...

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TILT - Mind All Mind
  NWOBHM-laden Metal with a steady beat and a wee bit too 'Japanese' vocals.
2. TILT - Looking For Love
  Even more J Priest/NWOBHM-sounding, except for that weird, funky break in the middle.
3. LUSHEL - Prologue
  Lush indeed, but despite being borderline aor/pomp in the Magnum-tradition with annoying vocals it's almost listenable in a ha-ha, point-finger-&-laugh sort of way.
4. LUSHEL - Fugitive From Darkness
  Here they barely qualify as rock music.

Side B:
1. CROWLEY - Don't Be In A Hurry
  Not nearly as heavy as their EP or LP. Laid back Hard Rock standard.
2. CROWLEY - Destitute Song
  Only marginally heavier. Still bland, melodic HR/HM with zero identity.
3. LEMURIA - Falling
  Most metallic act so far, galopping away in a solid Maiden/early Virgin Steele fashion.
4. LEMURIA - Barren Waste
  More British vibes a la Tokyo Blade or Elixir.
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