French Connection Vol. I LP 1985
Label: Devil's Records #: MAD 2013 Country: France
Info: Not really sure what HMP stood for, but the album is partly sponsored by Enfér Magazine. Includes an insert with band info. No following volumes are known.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. DYGITALS - Ave Cesar
  Good energy & solid riffing. Sortilége and Blaspheme spring to mind but they're not quite up there yet.
2. STEEL ANGEL - Riding On The Hell's Horses
  French Steel Glory from the first riff to the last! Proves there's no coincident this was the only band who's career reached further than this compilation.
3. YUGGS - Migrateur
  Nothing short of a fantastic, epic & original piece of Steel. Like Sanctuary with a little more light & shade.
4. VYTAL - Automate Simulacre
  Rockmetal/Metalrock with neither the class of Mystery Blue nor the punch of Dum Dum Bullet.

Side B:
1. VYTAL - Rock'n'Roll
  Clap-your-hands stadium 'Metal' a la Helix.
2. YUGGS - Soraya
  A bit more anonymous than their previous track but the talent is still showing. Great Maiden-bits in there.
3. STEEL ANGEL - Too Late To Romance
  Heavy Metal Filler. (Is that a Metalucifer song yet?)
4. DYGITALS - She's OK
  Sounds a bit 'German' and generic at first but later shines with some decent harmony breaks.
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