Formații Rock (7) LP 1985
Label: Electrecord #: ST-EDE 02649 Country: Romania
Info: The 7th out of a total of 14 volumes that started out already back in 1975 (as "Formații De Muzică Pop"). It's however the last one to be considered a compilation by our standards, since the following 7 volumes were all 2-band split albums. (..out of which only the following Volume 8 would be of at least rudimentary interest to Metal collectors, thanx to the rather heavy CELELALTE CUVINTE side)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. BAROCK - Cîntec De Pace
  New wave rock with a Stranglers-vibe.
2. BAROCK - Castelanii
  Alternative rock.
3. BAROCK - Fortuna
  Some hard rock riffing in there, but still mostly in the alternative/nw ballpark.
4. HARDTON - Destin
  Upbeat, catchy & poppy hard rock/power pop w/ female vocals.
5. HARDTON - Drumul Vieții
  Plain as planks heavy Hard Rock/"NWORHM". Being female-fronted and all, my comparison-meter points somewhere between Bitch and Rock Goddess...

Side B:
1. KRYPTON - Timidul
  The most well-known name of the bunch, releasing some decent melodic HR/HM on LP a few years later. Here they turn out the poppiest contender on the album.
2. KRYPTON - Cămașa Păcii
  Slick aor.
3. KRYPTON - Avertisment
  Some pretty cool keyboard parts in this more progsy number..
4. KRYPTON - Fata Morgana
  One ska-beat away from being decent prog-hr.
5. PREFIX 990 - Pămînt Cu Flori
  Rock with zany keys and a 60's garage/psych edge.
6. PREFIX 990 - Frunze-ngălbenite
  Psychedelic ballad.
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