FM 104: Toledo's Best Rock LP 1981
Label: Pacer #: PACER-8103 Country: USA
Info: First volume of a series from Toledo, OH radio station WIOT. Both of the relevant tracks were released as 45s, but they are rare enough that it's worth including this album here (and I'm only assuming that they are the same versions anyway).

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ROCKESTRA - Right Or Wrong
  Seventies rock with vocal harmonies that remind me of URIAH HEEP, but it's Fallen Angel era HEEP so keep that in mind.
2. HIGH SOCIETY - Half A Chance
  Bland pomp rock.
3. L.P. SEDAN - Maybe I Just Wanna Dance
  Pop country.
4. RUBY JONES - Hear It On The Radio
  Awful funky southern rock.
5. THE BEST - Secrets
  Fun retro powerpop.

Side B:
1. RIZZO - Get Off My Back
  Some nice NWOAHM riffing, but several California hard rock-isms conspire to make this sound more like DIETRICH.
2. JAM PACT - Leave It Alone
  Nice moody hard rock, a bit like ALKANA.
3. TRACX - Keep On Trying
  Folky prog rock.
4. SPANK - Squeeze On Me
5. THE RAGGS - Can't Go On
  Soft rock.
6. SHADOWFAX - Stay Away From Me
  Boogie rock.
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Submitted by Kwir
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