Escuadrón Metálico - Proyecto Uno LP 1986
Label: Discos Rosenbach #: DR-003 Country: Mexico
Info: The first Metal collection from Mexico. Includes insert w/ lyrics. Rereleased on CD by Denver Records in 1995 as "Lo Más Potente del Metal vol. III".

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. GEHENNA - Golgata
  High-strung vocals on top of HeavySpeed stock riffing. Unpromising opener :(
2. ASPID - Que Riudad
  Amateur Metal in a punk rock tempo. Charming tho'
3. Z - Instinto Asesino
  Slow, menacing HM groove loosing a lot of its potential thanx to the weak production...
4. KHAFRA - Dos Bestias
  Here the finer aspects of SoAm Steel begin to shine through the crappy underwater mix. Uppety riffin' and a catchy chorus. Different to LP version.
5. RAMSES - Guerreros Del Metal
  Funny piece of stumbling yet honest Metal.

Side B:
1. GEHENNA - El Pigmeu Del Rementeriu
  Competent Heavy/Power with Maiden-influenced guitarwork, but a bit more stale than the US bands in the same vein.
2. Z - La Tormenta
  Raw & fast HM with nothing that really grabs your attention.
3. ASPID - Viento Encendido
  Goes back & forth between cool guitar parts and ugly sloppiness but ends up as a pretty neat song in the end.
4. KHAFRA - Esquizofrenia
  Fast & mean Metal with great energy! Different to LP version.
5. RAMSES - La Batalla Final
  Hiding behind the chaotic exterior there's probably a great Power Metal song somewhere in there. I think.
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