En Enda Jord LP 1991
Label: Studiefrämjandet #: SFLP 2-LP Country: Sweden
Info: Another one from the "local compilations capital" of Sweden: Linköping. Looks like a follow-up to last year's Musik För Miljön, since this one also seems to be sponsored by Environmental Awareness-funds judging by the lyrics and the album's title, which translates to "A One And Only Earth".

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TC-4 - Lyckliga Ändå
2. FLIGHT 05 - Environmental Change
  Slick, funky rock.
3. IN TO THE BLUE - Beauty In Your Eyes
  Slick, melancholic "music-school" pop/rock.
4. SKINNY HORSE - Down The Drain
  Tight, classy Hard Rock but couldn't really be accused of being Metal-related in any shape or form.
5. OLGA - Då Är Allt Över
6. PÄST - When Everything Feels
  Rockin' stuffs reminding of Billy Idol.

Side B:
1. CREA - Röster I Vinden
  Soft pop.
2. PRINS PUNG - Får Vår Egen Skull
3. FX - Liv I Överflöd
  Schmalzy disco-pop.
5. BLUES CATS - Snart Finns Bara Säffle Kvar (bra va?)
  Funky blues rock.
6. SEASON'S END - World In Flames
  Fast, pompy melodic HM/HR of the kind that these days gets labeled 'Power Metal'. Ok, it's fluffy an full of keyboards and guitar soloing but also very classy. Worth checking out.
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