East Coast Metal LP 1988
Label: Regency Records #: 790-082-1732 Country: USA
Info: More obscure White Metal from the creepiest and most evangelical of the Xian labels, this time from the East coast. Printed innersleeve w/ band pics and lyrics .

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. APOSTLE - The Sword
  One of the best and most epic tunes I've heard on a Regency comp, sounding like a particularly haughty "Thundersteel"-Riot, only missing that kind of chorus to reach perfection.
2. RAGE OF ANGELS - Reason To Rock
  Mainstream 'FM-Metal' a la Dokken.
3. ARSENAL - Message Of Love
  More melo-Metal. Nice fem vox but otherwise not too original or remarkable.
4. THE LEAD - Tunnel Vision
  This started off quite promising but made a shocking turn into really fast, generic USHC reminding me of MDC.
5. TAKER - Yesterday, Today And Forever
  Awfully cheerful, pompy hard rock that couldn't possibly sound any more xian if they tried..

Side B:
1. SECOND CHANCE - (Liberation From) The Blazing Wasteland
  An interesting and not entirely hopeless mix of Lizzy Borden and Metal Church.
2. ARSENAL - Stand Strong
  More of an upbeat, catchy hardrocker this time, improved by a fast early-Maiden-style break towards the end. Those vocals really grow on you..
3. BELIEVER - The Chosen
  Good'n'Speedy Thrash with hoarse vocals perfect for the job, on par w/ the stuff off their great debut LP coming out the following year.
4. TAKER - Living By Faith
  The crazy high vocals takes a minute or 2 getting used to, but otherwise you have to salute their cool turn for simple yet enticing US Metal in the Warrior-vein.
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