East Coast Metal LP 1988
Label: Regency Records #: 790-082-1732 Country: USA
Info: More obscure White Metal from the creepiest and most evangelical of the Xian labels, this time from the East coast. Printed innersleeve w/ band pics and lyrics .

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. APOSTLE - The Sword
  One of the best and most epic tunes I've heard on a Regency comp, sounding like a particularly haughty "Thundersteel"-Riot, only missing that kind of chorus to reach perfection.
2. RAGE OF ANGELS - Reason To Rock
  Mainstream 'FM-Metal' a la Dokken.
3. ARSENAL - Message Of Love
  More melo-Metal. Nice fem vox but otherwise not too original or remarkable.
4. THE LEAD - Tunnel Vision
  This started off quite promising but made a shocking turn into really fast, generic USHC reminding me of MDC.
5. TAKER - Yesterday, Today And Forever
  Awfully cheerful, pompy hard rock that couldn't possibly sound any more xian if they tried..

Side B:
1. SECOND CHANCE - (Liberation From) The Blazing Wasteland
  An interesting and not entirely hopeless mix of Lizzy Borden and Metal Church. Later changed their name to Armageddon, who released their one and only LP "The Money Mask" on R.E.X. Music one year later.
2. ARSENAL - Stand Strong
  More of an upbeat, catchy hardrocker this time, improved by a fast early-Maiden-style break towards the end. Those vocals really grow on you..
3. BELIEVER - The Chosen
  Good'n'Speedy Thrash with hoarse vocals perfect for the job, on par w/ the stuff off their great debut LP coming out the following year.
4. TAKER - Living By Faith
  The crazy high vocals takes a minute or 2 getting used to, but otherwise you have to salute their cool turn for simple yet enticing US Metal in the Warrior-vein.
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