Dutch Steel LP 1984
Label: Roadrunner #: RR 9862 Country: Holland
Info: Roadrunner giving the local scene a well-deserved push.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SEDUCER - I Love 69
  Great buzzing Priest-guitars boosting an otherwise hackneyed NWOHM-rocker.
2. REVENGE - Evil
  Reminds me of Acid, and not only because of the similar female vocals. Not as heavy though.
3. ALLIED FORCES - Faster Than Your Neck
  Great rhythm to this classy HM-anthem. Like on their LP they prove they were one of Holland's most underrated.
4. VORTEX - Mercenary
  Superb opening bars and a pretty sweet, pumping main riff > most of their album material.
  Here they totally outclass their competitors - proud, Mighty Metal like the Gods intended!

Side B:
1. SEDUCER - Torcher
  Sounds like Saxon but with a twist (?) Stylish HR/Melodic Metal.
2. REVENGE - Get Lost
  More of a reduntant Hard Rock-sound to this one I'm afraid.
3. TOGETHER - Ready To Die
  The guitar tone rips on this one although songwise it's a banality a la your Wild Dogs-cut of choice.
4. MARTYR - Snow And Fire
  Quite energetic Metal w/ some cool breaks but so far only a sign of greater things to come.
5. VORTEX - Land Of The Late
  Possible the best song I've heard with the band. Great, driving FWOHM-leads and the vocals are not nearly as annoying as they use to be.
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