Doomsday News III - Thrashing East Live LP 1990
Label: Noise #: N 0155 Country: Germany
Info: The live recording of the Thrashing East festival held at Werner-Seelenbinder-Halle, East Berlin on March 4, 1990 which also resulted in a series of official VHS releases by the featured bands, conveniently became the 3rd and final installment in Noise's Doomsday News compilation series. There was also a VHS compilation called "Thrashing East", with a slightly different tracklist + interviews and backstage footage. Apart from the video releases all tracks should be exclusive as far as ordinary audio-carriers go, though to be honest this still feels like a for-collectors-only release with little replay value.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. KREATOR - Flag Of Hate
  Solid but hardly the best version of this classic.
2. KREATOR - Riot Of Violence
  Like all later versions of "Pleasure To Kill"-songs this one doesn't sound quite right without the chaotic drum-style that came with the original recording.
3. KREATOR - Love Us Or Hate Us
  My least favourite of the 3 songs actually sound the best here. All 3 tracks also featured on the "Extreme Aggression Tour 1989/90 - Live In East Berlin" VHS.
4. TANKARD - Alien
  I could never stomach too much of this silly little band's material at a time, but in small energetic live-doses their almost punky Thrash works fine even for us sceptics.
5. TANKARD - Chemical Invasion
  If it weren't for the fact that far too many new bands try to mimic this 'raw & in-your-face' style I'd quite enjoy this. Both tracks also featured on the "Open All Night" VHS.

Side B:
1. SABBAT - Hosanna In Excelcis
  Martin's voice is deeper here than on the "History.."-version and I'm not quite convinced it's a change for the better...
2. SABBAT - I For An Eye
  This one actually sounds better than the original for some reason.
3. SABBAT - For Those Who Died
  Even though they don't sound quite as rabid here as on the LP (or godly demos for that matter!) they're still the best band on comp. All 3 tracks also featured on the "The End Of The Beginning" VHS.
  Their slightly eerie and pshychedelic edge is somewhat lost on this live recording, even though - or because of - the more raw performance.
5. CORONER - Absorbed
  This earlier track works better. Tight-as-hell performance of a killer Thrash tune! Both tracks also featured on the "No More Color Tour '90 - Live In East Berlin" VHS.
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