Doomsday News LP 1988
Label: Noise #: N 0105 Country: Germany
Info: Comes in either a gatefold sleeve (pictured) or as a picture disc in die-cut sleeve. Also released on CD and cassette. The South Korean edition replaces the DEATHROW, CORONER, TANKARD, SABBAT, and VENDETTA tracks with different album tracks by DEATHROW and TANKARD.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SCANNER - Galactos
  Contrary to some accounts, this is not a leftover from the Hypertrace recording sessions but a track that was recorded months prior specifically for this compilation. It fits into the album's storyline between "Retaliation Positive" and "Warp 7" and was later released as a bonus track to the album. It does have a slightly different sound than the songs on Hypertrace, but the style and quality are the same.
2. RAGE - Before The Storm
  Taken from Execution Guaranteed, this track was indicative of the direction they would take on later albums.
3. DEATHROW - Scattered By The Wind
  Heavy thrash metal from their Raging Steel LP.
4. CORONER - Arrogance In Uniform
  Rereleased in 2014 as a bonus track on the reissue of their Death Cult demo, but with Ron Royce on vocals it is more in line with their R.I.P. album.
5. TANKARD - Total Addiction
  Aggressive speed/thrash from their Chemical Invasion LP.

Side B:
1. SABBAT - Hosanna In Excelsis
  Best track from the History Of A Time To Come LP, which is not quite as good as their follow-up but still a milestone of British thrash metal.
2. HELLOWEEN - I'm Alive
  Power metal classic from the Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I LP. Some versions include "Starlight" instead.
3. VENDETTA - And The Brave Man Fails
  Only released as a bonus track on the CD version of Go And Live... and on a 7'' flexi-disc that came with the magazines Metal Forces #27 and Rock Hard #35. Great song that sounds like a thrashier RUNNING WILD.
4. CELTIC FROST - Mesmerized
  A slow, brooding gothic metal track from Into The Pandemonium.
5. KREATOR - After The Attack
  Only available on the limited edition picture disc version of Pleasure To Kill (titled After The Attack) and the Sounds Waves 1 compilation 7". Similar to the rest of KREATOR's early material, but not a standout track or anything.
6. VOIVOD - Cockroaches
  Originally only available on the cassette and CD versions of Killing Technology and paired with the similar sounding "Too Scared To Scream" on a limited edition picture disc single.
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