Chicago Metal Works Battalion #2 LP 1986
Label: Silver Fin #: SF 1518 Country: USA
Info: Narrated by DJs Scott Loftus and Glen Freedman of WVVX, just like Battalion #1. I believe that this was released simultaneously with Battalion #1, rather than as a sequel.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. HAMMERON - The Only One
  After a brief introduction from Scott Loftus and Glen Freedman comes what sounds like an ARTCH ballad with Brian Troch (CYCLONE TEMPLE) on vocals. Not bad, but still just a ballad.
2. INFRA-RED - Ready For Action
  Sadly this is not an exclusive INFRA-RED track, and is in fact the same POWERAGE track from side 2.
3. SACRED STEEL - Breaking You Down
  Splendid Chicago steel for fans of DAMIEN THORNE.
4. MERROCKURY - It's All Over
  Not quite AOR, just utterly bland "hard" rock. Part of a musical play based on Greek/Roman mythology.
5. HEDSTONE - Air Raid
  Great sound that reminds me of BLITZKRIEG or AVENGER (UK) with those vocals and classic NWOBHM style guitar harmonies. It's just a shame they couldn't come up with some better riffs.

Side B:
1. LOVE HUNTER - Destiny
  Having now completed their lineup, LOVE HUNTER delivers more fine melodic metal like they did on Chicago's Class Of '87, but now with a bit of an epic feel.
2. POWERAGE - She's A Mover
  If the name and logo didn't already give it away, these guys love AC/DC. They actually started as an AC/DC tribute band, but fortunately in creating their own sound they grew a bit heavier, adding some JUDAS PRIEST and ACCEPT influences.
3. TRYTAN - Rip Van Winkle
  Light progressive metal that is very much inspired by early 80s RUSH. The same version later appeared on their 1988 Celestial Messenger LP.
4. ARCH ANGEL - More Than Once
  Fairly standard metal of the day, with a bit of a Robert Plant wannabe on vocals.
5. 1313 - Silent Hero
  Decent but unremarkable mainstream heavy metal in the vein of KEEL or DOKKEN.
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