Cherish Project LP 1991
Label: Metal Gold #: DS 100 Country: Italy
Info: Possibly one of the worst diy rock compilations ever produced. That statement alone makes it seem far too interesting than it really is though. Might have been quite rare some years ago, but the recent appearance of a seemingly large dead-stock will leave us with overpriced copies lasting until the heat death of the universe.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. DAYA - Dirty Dancin'
  Sleaziest Crüe meets Aerosmith with vocals constantly going in and out of tune.
2. FUZZY DUCK - Block Buster
  Hair-hr a la Whitesnake.
3. SHADDOK - It Was Wrote
  Amateur melodic Metal that wants to be American. Truly hideous vocals bring the pain.
4. FLAT LINERS - Trip In The Storm
  Sloppy intrumental fluff that has very litte to do with HR/HM except for a short break in the middle.
5. CREAM PUFF - Only Me
  Bwaaa-ha-haaa... Dumbest. Bandname. Ever. Awfully inept, mellow hr.

Side B:
1. FUZZY DUCK - Johnny
  Slow wimp-rock (think Dire Straits) with illfitting Alice Cooper-like vocals.
2. SHADDOK - Light And Darkness
  Somewhere inside there might be a skeleton of a decent hard rock tune ...but probably not.
3. CREAM PUFF - Say You Want Me Too
  This one actually comes with a decent riff or 2, but every other single thing about the track blows.
4. DAYA - Double Skin
  Bluesy hard rock with bits of both Led Zep and AC/DC.
  Melodic HR/HM with too much bad guitarwork to reach the rank of Average.
  Keir: - DaN: Rarity:  
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