California's Best Metal LP 1985
Label: New Renaissance #: GWD90526 Country: USA
Info: Collection of bands from all over California.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. HELLION - The Hand
  Great song with a bit of a Middle Eastern feel to the guitars. However, it sounds unfinished compared to the album version.
2. DIVINE RITE - Animal
  Substandard L.A. metal that sounds like a tamer, less talented W.A.S.P.
3. NIGHTSTALKER - She's Got The Power
  NWOAHM with a nice riff but the vocals are too soft.
4. SIXTY-NINE - Tearin' My Heart
  Glammy metal with a JUDAS PRIEST guitar sound. Not bad.
5. ASSASSIN - All Your Love
  Like their other song Treason with a bit more of a MOTLEY CRUE influence, though still heavy and enjoyable.
6. KNIGHTMARE II - Executioner
  Punkish horror metal like an inferior HALLOWEEN (US). Reissued on Skeletal Remains CD.

Side B:
  Mystery band which sounds a lot like DEEP PURPLE crossed with contemporary commercial metal (sort of an L.A. version of WHITE SPIRIT). Rumored to have been a collaboration between Ann Boleyn and three of the guys from MAX (a band who appeared on the Metal Madness: Volume One compilation.)
2. SYREN - Danger
  Good song, but a disappointment after their track on Ladykillers. This time the vocals are more tough than powerful and the music is crunchy L.A. metal.
3. RUBY SLIPPERS - Mon Cheri
4. V.V.S.I. - Last In Line
  Sleazy US metal like WITCH.
5. SAVAGE GRACE - Betrayer
  Classic headbanging speed metal.
6. NO SUGAR - Rock N' Rule The Nation
  Standard L.A. metal.
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