Brute Force LP 1980
Label: MCA Records #: MCF 3074 Country: England
Info: Those majors sure can be quick to pick up on the latest hype. A mixed bag. (Click the back sleeve for more info)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. DIAMOND HEAD - It's Electric
  NWOBHM classic or NWOBHM standard, you decide.
2. FIST - Brain Damage
  HARD Metal with a pounding 'Power Metal' riff probably ripped off from some old Priest-classic and later by numerous Thrashers. Yummy!
3. RAVEN - Let It Rip
  'Schoolyard Bullies Metal' should be a genre.
4. PROWLER - Gotta Get Back To You
  Your average 70's/80's HM/HR-clash. Not to be confused w/ the band who did the 'Forgotten Angel' and 'Alcatraz' singles.
5. SLEDGEHAMMER - Fantasia
  Superb, rollin', rumlin' lead riff and the kind of wild & expressive vocals often missed in later scenes.
6. COLIN TOWNS - Breakdown
  Quite listenable 70's Heavy Rock w/ some nifty keys. And more manic vocals! Colin also played w/ Gillan.

Side B:
1. MICK UNDERWOOD - Earthquake At The Savoy
  Jawdropping. One of the greatest Hard Rock/NWOBHM instrumentals ever, crushing everything in sight (the rest of the album, that is..) Mick also played w/ Gillan.
2. WHITE SPIRIT - Back To The Grind
  Surprised myself by liking this despite it being pure 70's hard rock. Guess that should count for something..
3. QUARTZ - Can't Say No To You
  Same as above but the complete opposite.
4. XERO - Hold On
  Radio-friendly hard rock in the style of post-Dio Rainbow.
5. CRYER - Day To Day
  Reminds me of Angel Witch's softer moments. Good ballad (!?!?)
6. MAY WEST - Black Queen
  "Archetypical NWOBHM", at least by 79/80 standards. Here's to the unknowns..
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