Breaking With Tradition LP 1991
Label: Alcatraz #: 102 Country: Belgium
Info: 4 Belgian acts of varied style and quality, none of them sounding the least bit 90's. Includes an insert with lyrics and band info. (The first release of the label was incidently the SHELL SHOCK full-length LP)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SHELL SHOCK - Gorby's Coming
  An unusually great, tight & well produced Motörhead-clone. And I REALLY mean clone this time.
2. SYRINX - Hit Back
  Fem-fronted, good'n'rowdy Metal. Heidi sounds like a punky Kim LaChance.
3. RAHWAY - Foolish Pride
  Slick and laidback aor/melodic hr.
4. SYRINX - Fatal Fact
  Catchy, upbeat Metalrock that'll get you in a good mood despite the fact that they're not exactly reinventing the wheel here.
5. SHELL SHOCK - Good & Loud
  Taking on the more R'n'R-side of Lemmy & co and doing it really well to.

Side B:
1. RAHWAY - The Joker
  A less "Metal" Whitesnake, whatever you'd make of that..
2. CAT WEAZEL - Mission To My Mind
  Melodic Hard Rock with a few seconds of heavier riffings inside, making them mildly endurable.
3. SYRINX - Don't Give Up
  The intro rips off B*n J*vi in a rather (unintentionally) comical way, but otherwise it's still OK Hard Rock/riff-Metal.
4. SHELL SHOCK - Code of Silence
  Headbanging anthem rising to the top of the LP by way of more 'head-worship. A perfect ending.
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