Boston Rock & Roll Anthology Volume #8 LP 1986
Label: Varulven #: VAR-13D Country: USA
Info: One of 20 volumes from the same label that released Massachusetts Metal. Printed innersleeve w/ band pics + lyrics.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TENNIE KOMAR - Savannah Le Mar
  Gothic/new wave.
2. SIDESTREETS - In The Shadows
  Punk/powerpop with some hard rocking 70s guitar work for a nice touch.
3. FOREVER 19 - Into The Night
4. SECRET FUNCTION - When I Close My Eyes
  Bad pop/rock.
5. THE COUNT/D-10 - New Changes
  Featuring label founder Joe Viglione on guitar, this sounds like TALKING HEADS if TALKING HEADS sucked.

Side B:
1. 3D - A Bit Like You
  Even worse pop/rock.
2. THRUST - Adriane
  Excellent sing-along melodic metal. Similar to their track on Massachusetts Metal but with a more pounding rhythm.
3. MICHAELS MESSINA - Half Of Nothing
  Hard AOR. That's him getting out of the car on the cover.
4. HOT PURSUIT - Shy Away
  Brilliant melodic rock.
5. MAX THORN - Doorways
  Powerpop with flutes.
6. SPARKY LANE - Dineen
7. BLOWFISH - City Magazine
  Short comedy piece backed by synth music.
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