The Basle Collection '85 LP 1985
Label: Doppelstab #: BC 85 Country: Switzerland
Info: The second edition in this series of pop, rock & jazz newbies from Basel. A third volume from 1988 was also produced, unfortunately with zero HR/HM content.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. WHISPER - Just One More Time
  aor/soft rock.
2. CHARADE - Twilight Zone
3. THE BLUES BRASS BAND - The Four Full Seasons Of Love
  Trad. rock'n'roll.
4. FALLING MOON - Wartime
  Alternative rock.
5. PESTILENCE - Lolita

Side B:
1. TAL - Decicions
2. DR. KOKE - Love Is The Way
  Slick rock semi ballad.
3. FORTRESS - Bitches
  A significally more solid representative of the Heavy Metal genre than on the first volume, this is good (almost great), fist-yelding Germaniod Metal a la your random Bonebreaker/Earthshaker/Wishbone act. In the late 80's, bassist Enzo Butta and drummer Vito Cecere joined the line-up of Swiz mainstream rockers Paganini.
4. THE SIDEKICK - Walking On The Streets Of Doubt
  80's pop-rock w/ a reggae beat.
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