The Bailey Brothers Present: Diminished Responsibility LP 1987
Label: Castle Communications #: BBPLP01 Country: England
Info: In a way this is one of the funniest oddities in Metal compilation history. I guess the execs of Castle Communications thought the jolly, well-groomed brothers from MTV's Headbanger's Ball would make the perfect curators for a popular and commercially successful 'Heavy Rock' compilation. How could they have known that those darn' rascals would dig out some of the most extreme UK underground acts of the time, scaring average Joe Rocker far, far away from the record desks? Hilarious... No wonder they followed up with the much more mainstream "The Bailey Brothers Present The Vinal Frontier" shortly after (no exclusive recordings on that one afaik.)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ADONIS - Faces Of Death
  Weird galoppy demo-Metal with an odd wailing chorus, though with some parts close to excellent.
2. UNSEEN TERROR - Beyond Eternity
  UK's answer to Repulsion. Must be good then!
3. ANTICHRIST - My Ambition Is To Kill
  The world's premiere Death-Grind act? Stop your snickering and sense the tide of history!
4. MAXIMUS THRAXX - Rights Of The Undead
  Bloody raw monotonous Thrash with Baloff-style vox. Ho-hum… Same band who had one track featured on the Rock Meets Metal Vol. 2 comp from the same year.
5. HERESEY - Acceptance
  The guitars sound more Death Metal than on the LP version, but the vocals keep them safely in the HC pigeonhole.

Side B:
1. ADONIS - Acts Of Violence (Lost Without A Trace)
  Typical American rough PowerThrash with a taste of Nasty Savage and Blessed Death. Previously featured on the Iron Tyrans II - Waging War comp.
2. MAXIMUS THRAXX - Sacrilidge [sic]
  Weight - check! Crunch - check! Guitars from hell - check! Memorable songwriting… *sound of crickets*
3. ANTICHRIST - Stoking The Ovens Of Death
  So they were just a few incognito Heresy and Unseen Terror members taking the piss, who cares? Shut up, sit down and enjoy the ride!
4. UNSEEN TERROR - Expulsion Of Wrath
  My doG those guitars kill puppies dead. Awesome Death Metal.
5. HERESY - S.O.S.
  My doG those guitars kill puppies dead. Awesome hardcore.
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