Axe Attack LP 1980
Label: K-Tel #: NE 1100 Country: UK
Info: In the intro to this section of The Corroseum we specifically talk about "..avoiding all those pointless cash-in compilations on K-Tel etc". This would however be the one odd exception. The very first pressing of this otherwise redundant release had a demo-version of IRON MAIDEN's "Running Free" included by mistake, making it quite an interesting oddity and attention-worthy piece of Classic Metal History (all later versions had it corrected to the album version). The easiest way to spot this pressing is by looking at the labels. This one should have the album title in plain letters, while later regular versions carry the 'Axe Attack' logo on the labels.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. RAINBOW - All Night Long
  Graham Bonnet's highly-unMetal-yet-cool appearance in the official video for this song is what sticks in my mind a whole lot more than the redundant, upbeat Hard Rock sound.
2. IAN GILLAN - Running, White Face, City Boy
  One of Gillan's faster numbers shows where plenty of NWOBHM upstarts got their ideas from.
3. JUDAS PRIEST - Breaking The Law
  "Washing the dog - washing the dog!"
4. TED NUGET - Cat Scratch Fever
  The kind of classic-rock-end-of-the-Hard-Rock-stick stuff that'll probably never get my blood pumping..
5. SCORPIONS - Make It Real
  As always, superb riffmanship from the Scorp's.
6. GIRLSCHOOL - Race With The Devil
  It's decent enough heavy rock classic, but most of their early originals surpasses it.
7. U.F.O. - Doctor Doctor
  One of my personal faves from the severely-overplayed-rock-classics bucket.

Side B:
1. AC/DC - Highway To Hell
  Hail Satan!
2. WHITESNAKE - Ready & Willing
  Feel-good, bluesy hard/classic rock of the ilk that will never click with me.
3. IRON MAIDEN - Running Free
  It would be tempting to proclaim this the Cult Superior First Take you're all missing out on, but frankly it's a bit too laid back compared to the flawless, hi-energy album version. The absence of drum-fills is its major flaw. The chugging bridge-riff in the middle has a little more oompf here though. Never officially reissued, but featured on numerous bootlegs I'm sure.
4. AEROSMITH - Sweet Emotion
  More classic rock going over my head but at least it's better than Whitesnake.
5. Frank Marino And MAHOGONY RUSH - You Got Living
  One of the few rare, proto-Metallic moments from these heavy rockers. And so...
6. BLACK SABBATH - Paranoid
7. MOTÖRHEAD - Bomber
  Great ending to a very representative selection of Heavy music of the time in question.
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