A. Tracks LP 1981
Label: Ivory Tower Records #: NL 81.11 Country: Holland
Info: A Dutch mixed affair featuring bands from the Apeldoorn area, made by the same budget-label who gave us the great The Heavy Touch compilation (well, technically on one-off sublabel Power Tower).
Includes a 10-page A4-size folder with info on some of the featured bands, as well as some not featured. No Mercy-page/Together-page.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. GRAND SLAM - Angela
  Melodic rock with a US 70's FM-rock feel.
2. HERMANS HOTEL - I've Had Enough
  Slightly jazzy pop-rock.
3. JANGA - School
  More than just slightly jazzy rock.
4. NO MERCY - Eyes
  Sloppy Hard Rock with a punk edge. Quite catchy though.
5. TOGETHER - Don't Leave Me
  Their 1984 mini on Mausoleum Records is best described as "remarkably pedestrian" and as an early 80's straight-up 70's-style Hard Rock band they're none the more exciting, despite the rough, Iggy-like vocals.
6. FAVOUR - Walkin' Over The Rainbow
  70's rock.
7. RAB-BITZ - Conciërto
  Instrumental ballad.

Side B:
1. FAVOUR - Feel So Bad
  Groovy 70's rock.
2. TOGETHER - Your Own Life
  An improvement and probably the best song they ever wrote. Decent, heavy Kiss-style Hard Rock with hooks.
3. NO MERCY - Silvertrain
  More boogie and less punk this time, meaning zero HM-hints but still rather enjoyable heavy rock out of mom's garage.
4. RAB-BITZ - We Ain't Getting Any Younger
  Surfy pop-ballad w/ wavy vocals.
5. GRAND SLAM - Damestalk
  Rock with a great catchy chorus.
6. HERMANS HOTEL - Just One Night
7. JANGA - Joeka
  Jazz rock.
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