American Underground 3LP 1983
Label: MCE Records #: MCE 731 Country: USA
Info: Obscure triple lp comp from New York in a single cover. No Insert. As far as I can tell not much is known about any of these bands, except for the fact that it is possible that some/many of these bands might have had records on this label, like the Czar 7" 1982 and Suspects 12" 1983 for example.. Overall this would have made a 1 lp solid rock/ metal comp.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. VISITOR - Speed Freak
  Powerful early metal/hard rock hybrid with organ. Good opening track.
2. THE LAZERS - Crowd Call
  Rock Solid Hard rock with heavy guitar.
3. UXB - The Time To Break Is Now
  Keyboard dominated prog hard rock. Once the song kicks in it isn't that bad.
4. PENNY KNIGHT - You Put The Fire Back In My Heart
  Melodic rock.
5. THE SHARKS - Complex
  Blues rock.

Side B:
1. MARTHA'S AIRHEART - Walkin On The Edge
2. THE WATTS - Move That Way
  Reggae rock.
3. CAJ MAJ - Make Me Happy
  Prog rock with female vocals.
4. THE STUDENTS - Problems
  More reggae-ish rock.
5. THE REGULARS - Indulgence
  Bad imitation of The Police mixed with reggae.

Side C:
1. INTERSTATE - The Only One
  Pop/Aor with ok guitar for the last 1/2.
2. BADGE - I Don't Know Why
  Lite rock.
3. DEUCE  - Simple Games
  Melodic rock.
4. THE CHEATERS - Love My Woman
5. THE VOLTZ - The Electric Serviceman
  Lite rock.

Side D:
1. DRESDEN PINK - Video Game
  Techno disco.
2. THE FAN CLUB - Love Comes Through
  Lite rock.
3. RADIATORS -  Your Little Sister (She's Bigger Than Me)
  Lite rock.
4. HOI-POLLOI - Hudstonians
  Ok hard rock with no song structure.
5. COSMO ROCK - City Flight
  Not bad jammy heavy psych/hard rock. The 1 good song on the 2nd lp.

Side E:
1. BLITZKRIEG - Funeral In Berlin
  Who were these guys? Top-notch US Steel with female vocals (I think). One of the heaviest songs on the whole comp.
2. PHARAO'S CHILD - A Song for the Road
  Melodic metal. A semi-ballad with some heavy guitar. Not bad.
3. CZAR - Children Playing
  US Power just like on their single.
4. MENAGERIE - All In The Money Game
  Typical early hard rock/metal with some non-annoying keyboards. Good hard driving tempo with a great crunchy guitar beak in the middle of the track..
5. THE SUSPECTS - Can't Say No
  Ok hard rock with keys that are not overdone. (The Suspects' 12" is a solid hardrocker that must win some sort of award for Most Incredibly Horrible cover art)

Side F:
  Good solid no frills hard rock.
2. NURVZ - Vulchur Madness
  Another solid hard rocker.
3. CHADWICKS DAD - Aim For The Sky
  More solid hard rock but with a jammy psych guitar backbone.
4. MAX - The Raven
5. ZELVIAN - Ruler Of The Night
  Scorching and catchy early US metal sound. A solid headbanger and a highlight of the comp. Great closing track.
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Submitted by Rob Preston
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