All Night Metal Party '84 to '85 LP 1985
Label: Rock Maker #: RD-0010 Country: Japan
Info: Recorded live. Where I'm not sure and the sleeve doesn't offer much info on the matter. Soundwise it sounds like a good bootleg, but as often studio versions of the songs might have been prefered.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SABBRABELLS - Devil's Rondo [the band name & title is misspelled as 'Sabblabells - Devis Rond' on the sleeve & label]
  One of their 'greatest hits' and indeed a solid, pounding nwobhm-flavoured piece a la SOLDIER or JUDAS PRIEST, but not really an immortal, memorable classic to be honest.
2. SABBRABELLS - Kagamibari No Heya
  Slow, heavy & dramatic 80's Hardrockmetal sounding very American. Sometimes doomy, sometimes ballady, sometimes fast & ballsy - generally good.
3. VEIL - Keep On Running For Tomorrow
  Excellent, galloping & epic Steel reminding of nwobhm-cultsters TYRANT! ...or fellow countrymen SABRE TIGER at their best.
4. VEIL - Sexy Doll
  Another British-sounding piece - a mix of TOKYO BLADE and TRESPASS with an awesome catchy chorus. VEIL = coolest surprise of the album.

Side B:
1. REACTION - Lost My Heart
  Melodic Metal of traditional Japan class, like the faster LOUDNESS material.
2. REACTION - Don't Stop
3. MURBAS - Drivin' Wild
  Super-American, raunchy Metal/HR like early RATT meets THE RODS.
4. MURBAS - Rock And Roll Over
  Base HR crunch with a melodic chorus + noisy guitars.
  Sounds like a fem vocalist.. Plain, laid back QUIET RIOT-style party-HR.
6. FLYING VISION - Time Stop
  An improvement! Fast & cocky mid-80's Metal with neat harmonies, a bit like SATAN, early PRETTY MAIDS and other such olde Euro-classics..
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