97 Underground: The Beast From The East. Vol. 1 LP 1987
Label: PCA Communications #: UG-97 Country: USA
Info: One of very few radio compilations dedicated solely to heavy metal, and also one of the best. Compiled by Baltimore, MD radio station WHVY.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. WRATHCHILD - Hell's Gates
  Demo version from before they added America to their name. Heavier and better than the LP version (especially the part where Brad screams "Lucifer inflicting the pain!")
2. SNYDLY CRUNCH - Then Comes The Night
  Excellent melodic prog metal in the vein of QUEENSRYCHE and HEIR APPARENT.
3. MYSTIC FORCE - Burn The Sky
  Great US metal that reminds me of early ANTHRAX with hints of their later progressive leanings. Rereleased on their Take Command: The Demo Years LP.
4. SHOCK WAVE - Bad Attitude
  Sleazy JUDAS PRIEST metal.

Side B:
1. MONA LISA - Nightmares
  A cheesy spoken intro leads into some traditional metal with a Jon Bon Jovi wannabe on vocals.
2. CHAPELZ - Found On The Highway Dead
  Interesting song that sounds a bit like a thrashier version of WHITE ZOMBIE.
3. CHILD'S PLAY - Hot Seat
  Generic glam/sleaze, and sadly the most successful band on here. Exclusive, for those who might be interested.
4. SCARLET ANGEL - Scarlet Angel
  A decent but amateur traditional metal band who were 3/4 female, with the male member being the bass player from PROBLEM CHILD. Rerecorded in 2004 for their self-titled CD.
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