3:an LP 1983
Label: Drag Utan Drog/ABF #: DuD 003-83 Country: Sweden
Info: The 3rd volume in a series of 4 (?) LPs that was a co-op between the anti-drug rock organization "Drag Utan Drog" (no relation to the Drag Utan Droger compilations) and the educational organization ABF. They were preceded by "Första Vinylen" (1982) and "Andra Vinylen" (1983) though none of those should have any heavy content. The final release in the series was Quattro. Comes with a small 8-page folder (Chainsaw/Trace-pages)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. RASTRID - Tiger Reggae
2. TRIX - Småbarnslek
  Boogie rock.
3. BLODBUSARNA - Säg Mig Vad Det Är
4. CHAINSAW - Metal
  Bland, straight-forward Boogie-Metal. Disappointing.
5. BEATROOTS - Tårar Från En Vän
  Melodic rock.
6. TRACE - Rain
  Excellent epic semiballad with a Doomish feel and galopping riffs not too far from Manilla Road-territory.

Side B:
1. TRACE - Kings' Coming
  Energetic, classy HM/HR with an upbeat 70's groove to it.
2. BEATROOTS - Ensam
3. CHAINSAW - Heroes Call
  Still plain but improved chugging HM in the same vein as countrymen AXEWITCH, TORCH, early 220 V etc..
4. BLODBUSARNA - Jag Sänder Dig En Hälsning
5. TRIX - Vitt Guld
6. RASTRID - Bistra Tider
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