21st Youth Pop-Song Competition '90 LP 1990
Label: Balkanton #: BTA 12709 Country: Bulgaria
Info: Bulgarian title: XXI Младежки Конкурс За Забавни Песни '90
Seem to be a compilation of songs featured in a national pop/rock competition. A few volumes from the 70's and 80's also exist, but none feature any Heavy material.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. DILIGENCE - Daybreak
  Pop ballad.
2. ACCENT - In The Middle
  The big surprise and mystery of the album is this great Power/Speed act in the style of HADES or early RAGE that no one seem to know anything about.
3. BARD - A Window To The World
  Rock ballad.
4. SIMULANT - Bistro
  Poppy rockabilly.
5. Milena & ORION
  Atmospheric neo-psych ballad, like a lightweight Hawkwind.
6. AHAT - Motto
  The Bulgarian masters of Epic Hard Rock & Anthemic Metal present a superb, unique & lengthy recording sounding like a lighter (but in no way worse) WARLORD.

Side B:
1. HAT TRICK - Deficiency
2. SPRINT - Don't Believe
3. Emila Kirova - One Day
4. STANLEY - Confession
  Slow, darkened/alternative ballad.
5. SOLARIS - We Won't Stop
  Excellent semi-ballad very similar to "..Mindcrime"-era Queensrÿche's more epic moments with an added exotic Balkan touch. Unfortunately they didn't release anything else until the late 90's.
6. Zvezdomir Keremidchiev & ORION - The Evening
  Melodic rock/aor.
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