0721 Manicomio LP 1989
Label: private #: - Country: Italy
Info: Peculiar mixed comp which origin is something of a mystery. Seems to be the result of a collaboration of bands from the Pesaro and Urbino-areas of Italy.
It may look weird to include an album with zero real Metal here, but it occationally turns up on Metal lists and includes 3 acts tied to the Minotauro Records label (Run After To, Paul Chain and Heaven Keys) mostly known for heavier material so it felt worth a mention - if only as a warning.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MIDWAY - Follow Your Dream
  Mellow & commercial hard rock like all those crappy Swedish bands of the time.
2. BOYS NEXT DOOR - Since You're Gone
  Blues rock.
  Bluesy new wave.
4. A. V. GERENIA - Love To Love You Baby
5. BOOHOOS - Bluesbreaker
  Garage rock. (Paul Chain was incidently in this band on their debut LP, but not here)
6. RUN AFTER TO - Dirty Work
  To everyone's great disappointment a piano-ballad and none of that weird & wonderful Doom of their demo and EP :(

Side B:
1. SIN-TA - Sphere
  Goth rock The Mission-style. Pretty good song..
2. PEDINI BAND - Anteo
3. PAUL CHAIN - My Hills
  Mr. Catena in a blues/boogie mood. One of the weaker songs off the "Life And Death" LP imo. (same as album version)
4. HEAVEN KEYS - Can You Feel Me
  Hard (?) rock even commercial'er and mellow'er than Midway I'm afraid.
5. STAASVELT - Un Tale Bestiale
  Amateurish rock. Pretty hard but not in a HM way.
6. HORUS - Ennionuovognah
  Instrumental jazz rock.
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