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Post#1 » Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:28 pm

As the header says, this part of the forum is for selling, trading and posting of want lists. As of recently, pro distros/webshops are allowed to post here too, as long as they keep with the rules and don't spam.

You ARE allowed to sign up on this forum purely for posting your lists, given that you also comply with these simple rules:

1. Don't be a rip-off. Please.

2. If you're new here, introduce and identify yourself (IN YOUR ACTUAL TRADE/SALE/WANT THREAD, NOT ELSEWHERE ON THE BOARDS) Either by posting your full home address (no PO boxes), home phone number, OR by posting references. These references could be:
- Corroseum-member's nicks you've dealt with before and/or could vouch for you.
- Other well-known and reliable dealers/traders/collectors.
- A know name/nick you go by on other forums, ebay etc..

3. The thread title should read if it's a trade, sell, want or a combination thereof.

4. Unless it's regarding a whole new deal/theme, try to keep all your biz in one thread. Do not "bump" your threads unless you have some new updates or info.

5. Be clear and name the price of the item you're selling. This is not an auction site and private offers/bids should definitely be avoided. However, if you're using ebay or any other auction site you can still post the links to your auctions.

6. Don't be a loudmouth. All bold capitals + a million !!!'s wont make your offers/wants more interesting, but it will make you look like a dubious troll. The titles themselves should prove your point.

7. Please answer other member's posts, PMs & e-mails. If you don't feel you have the time to come in here and check every once in a while, don't post at all, or at least be clear about you only answering to e-mails. (If you get a bug while opening a PM, check this thread for an easy fix)
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Post#2 » Fri Mar 12, 2010 12:56 pm

I'm going to add that if you come here just to post your for sale/trade lists or if you pop by once in a blue moon and have a really low post count, that is fine, but don't be upset if you get asked on more then one occasion to post the necessary information outlined in #2 of Dan's post. I do not know every single person that posts here and if it's not clearly obvious that you have had successful dealings with other members here, I or another mod may request that you re-post your information. These rules were created for the benefit of the entire community and it's really not that hard to copy and paste your information into your trade/sale thread from your last one each time you post if you aren't a regular user. I do not keep lists of who has had successful trades here nor do I have the time to start doing that. It's nothing personal, just take the 30 seconds to provide the info if you don't want to see your thread locked/deleted.

Thanks. /Mod
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Post#3 » Fri Apr 12, 2013 7:05 am

Small update done (rule #5).
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